A series made over 15 years in different regions of Venezuela and México with digital and analog (35mm) photography. 
It is a mediation on the diverse, beautiful and everchanging places of the world I’ve got to call a home. From the bundled city landscapes to the greatness of ancient mounts, these places have made me feel alive one way or another. 

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The Edge

We were up
So up! 😉
It seemed even more strange
And beautiful
Than a dream
They were accustomed to it
They didn’t fear the mount
Or the high altitude
For them
Living in the strange
And peak in the abyss
Was normal

about the title: They were just at the edge, something I’m so afraid of. Not a U2 member reference. 

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A simple kind of life

The venezuelan Andes, 
how could a place so cold
be so warm?
In this moment
I’m thinking of living here
Eat some mushrooms
Plant my garden
The dream was taken away from me
When my mind played tricks on my future

about the title: That No Doubt song was one of my favorite songs in my childhood, and when I think about a future, it always comes to my head. I imagine a quiet future, a simple future.

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From the plane I see purple trees
The streets
They’re all purple
Is it spring?
I couldn’t know
My country doesn’t have seasons
It was an aftermoon
An LSD trip
A not so nice company
A fixation with the floor
Maybe cause of the purple
Or cause I didn’t wanted to look up

about the title: Jacaranda is the name of the tree that produces these flowers.

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Coming out of a place
Don’t remember exactly where
I look up
I feel lost
So far for my motherland
With no longterm connections to anybody
“There’s no one here
and people everywhere”
How did I survive that?

about the title: That was an abandoned construction, but it seemed more forgotten than abandoned, as I felt.

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My first time in Mexico
My friend is showing me the city
We arrive to this place
El Palacio de Bellas Artes
In the exact time to encounter
An artwork
So familiar to me
As a welcoming premonition
That I will find a home in this place

about the title: Jesús Soto is the artist who made this artwork, one of the most recognized artist from my country, Venezuela.

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On the road

Somewhere on México
Where are we going?
We stop 
The road is empty
The sky is orange
and pink
I’m so so far away
Even more than usual

about the title: It’s a reference to the book of Jack Kerouac, wich at that time, was starting to grow more and more on me.

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The force of destiny

A film camera
An enthusiasm for something new
15 years old
An eternal returning
To learn endlessly
Began with this picture
12 years later 
This place
Became home

about the title: In the street of this building, there’s one called “The force of destiny”, tough is not the one in the picture. I saw it the first time I went there, and hundreds of times again, as it was indeed the force of destiny that took me to that place everytime until finally I moved there. 

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She Mountain

We were just beginning the hiking
But I was already tired
(I’m lazy)
Everybody was taking pictures
And I was taking pictures of them
She wanted to speak spanish to practice
I wanted to speak english to practice too
Somehow we understood each other
Her husband was going blind
They were traveling to see all beauty they could
Before that happens

about the title: She seemed to me as powerful as the mounts we climbed. 

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It’s hot
A cab driver stopped and told me
A few things about me he thinks are nice
But I don’t
This is my city
At a time when everybody was still here
They told us to take pictures of buildings
In photography class

about the title: I find funny and interesting that just a few windows are open in the building.

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Inside Outside

On my rooftop
Not exactly mine
I didn’t own it
I just lived there
The conglomeration of buildings
Houses in a inestable ground
Broken inside by earthquakes
Here I will see the moon 
See the people walking down
Throw a pair of used sneakers to an electric wire
To later find out 
It was some kind of signal 
of drugdealing places

about the title: Being in that rooftop felt weird because you had the sense of being outisde, but there were so much buildings around you felt locked. Outside of my room but inside of the city.

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Moonage Daydream

On top of the mountains
Your friends, you, and me
Walking, laughing, observing
It is starting to grow dark
The moon appears
I feel alive

about the title: When I posted this picture in my flickr many years ago, someone commented me it remind me of that song’s title. I never heard the song, but loved the titled.

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A pair of flip flops in my feet
I wasn’t prepared for this trip
Two mountains
With a desert-alike plain in the middle
A beach just for us
The most cristalyne water
We didn’t prepared for this trip
Run out of food
Run out of water
But it didn’t matter

about the title: That was the name of this beach. 

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Careful with the camera
Let’s go
Need to talk to my ex
No time for photos
No matter how beautiful
Our city can be

about the title: Words and words of a conversation that doesn’t belong to me was all that I heard while taking this picture. 

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There are no words for this.

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